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We keep you in the loop throughout and everything is sent for your approval


All reports are returned to you within 48 hours…. Guaranteed … And generally within 12hrs!

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As all new tenants have their deposits secured, we recommend and work with TDS (NI), landlords must be aware that those same tenants, that never previously questioned why a proportion of their deposit was retained when they vacated a property, now have the ability, under law, to challenge the decision. The emphasis is on the agent or landlord to prove why the deposit it not to be returned in full – and having an inventory compiled, with associated check-in reports, interim reports and final check-out reports by a professional independent agent is one way to assist in ensuring you are not out of pocket.

Whether you are landlord of one studio flat, or an agent to numerous landlords, Inventory Solutions NI undertake the same degree of checks on all properties; we can undertake your checks with the tenant present if needed or your own representative.

Take the strain out of keeping track of inventories and reports, we give you direct access to log-in online to view all the reports and inventories pertaining to your property(s); we also give your tenants a log in so that they can check regularly also – we also email the reports to you and them generally within 12hrs or completing the visit (but allow 24hrs).

In the event that a tenant disputes the inventory through TDS we can assist the landlord in reaching a satisfactory settlement – this will incur a fee.